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Flight Information
The daily flight information provided on this website is constantly updated to ensure that information is accurate and timely. However, delay, cancellation and schedule change information is provided at the discretion of the airlines or their agents and AICS can accept no liability whatsoever in respect to the information provided on this site. Further, AICS accept no responsibility for any loss or damage sustained as a result of using the flight information on this site.
For information on significant delays or for detailed information on individual flights, we recommend that you contact your airline directly.

Tips on Viewing Flight Information

Switching between today's flights and yesterday's
Click on the pull down menu to switch between information displays for today's flights and yesterday's.
Shortcut Links
Enables faster flight searching by clicking on either the morning (From 6:00 a.m.), afternoon (From midday) or evening (From 6:00 p.m.) text link and jumping straight to that time frame.
Time Display
Displays the current time in Japan.
Airline's schedule arrival/departure time. Time subject to change.
Expected arrival/departure time. Information provided by the airlines.
Destination is shown for departing flights and point of origin is shown for arriving flights.
Stopover city for non-direct flights. For flights with multiple stopovers, only the first stop over city is shown.
The airline's designated flight number comprising a two-letter code followed by one to four numbers.
Link to Narita Airport website page containing information on that airline. No links are provided for jointly operated flights using a partner airline's aircraft.
This is theterminal you will use. The information shown means as follows:
1-N Terminal 1, North Wing.
1-S Terminal 1, South Wing.
2 Terminal 2.
3 Terminal 3.
Departure/arrival gate number.
Shows the flight status using one of the following keywords; Cancelled, Tomorrow, Diverted, Arrived, Departed, Boarding, Go to Gate, New Time, On Time, Delayed, Indefinite, Yesterday. This information is provided by the airlines.
Total Travel Time
Total travel time to destination or from point of origin provided by OAG.
Local Information
Link to weather report for destination updated several times daily by the Japan Weather Association. No icon is shown for cities where meteorological information is not available.